The mea from the 6th edition in 2020 changed it name to the Ghana National Medical Excellence Awards GNMEA


To be a pioneering institution in upgrading medical services systems at the local, regional and international levels, adopting the excellent world-class standards.


To honor the outstanding achievements and selfless dedication of healthcare delivery personnel in the country and in their service to humanity.

MEA Launching 2011

Background To The Medical Excellence Awards

The Medical Excellence Awards (MEA) established in 2011 and initiated by Dr. Dauda Amidu Titus, is an annual event to recognize healthcare professionals, individuals and institutions in the health sector. The awards is aimed at honoring the outstanding achievements and selfless dedication as well as devotion in which the aforementioned have aided in supporting, developing and sustaining healthcare delivery in the country. The recipients of the awards are from public, private and mission healthcare centers nationwide, and are carefully selected through an exhaustive and rigorous research process devoid of external influences

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Quality healthcare delivery is an important factor when it comes to nation building, because a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Healthcare delivery has become more challenging with the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme, which has led to unprecedented increases in hospital attendance and has further increased the doctor-patient ratios.

  • 1.1 Specific Objectives of the Awards

    1. honor outstanding achievements of healthcare personnel within the medical field.

    2. To honor and celebrate the selfless devotion of healthcare delivery professionals in their various disciplines.

    3. To recognize organizations that are promoting and providing quality healthcare within the country.

    The awards are in eight categories, namely
    » Doctors
    » Dentists
    » Nurses
    » Midwives
    » Pharmacists
    » Diagnostic Sciences
    » Auxiliary Staff [Cleaners, Orderlies, Security Personnel, Records, etc]
    » Transition Managers

    Three (3) persons each in these categories would be honoured. Thus, 24 persons would be awarded. Awardees would be given plaques, citations, and prizes. The institutions in which the first place awardees in the various categories work would also benefit in projects for the various institutions. The awards would be launched on the 2nd Tuesday of every March of each year and would be held annually in a grand highly publicised ceremony at the banquet hall statehouse Accra on the last Friday of November each year.

  • 1.2 Eligibility And Judging Criteria

    A special committee made up of representatives of the various health professional bodies has been constituted. The committee has defined the criteria to be used in determining nominees and subsequently awardees. The criteria include

    1. Professional Competence

    2. At least 5-year Post Qualification experience

    3. Attitude to Work:
    » Punctuality
    » Alertness to duty

    4. Vocation and Dedication
    » Wiliness to do extra work
    » Commitment to charitable services

    5. Interpersonal Relations
    » With patients
    » With colleagues at work place

    6. Morals and Ethics

    Based on these criteria, the table below shows the weights set for each criterion to help decide on the best nominee for all the categories

    Criteria Weight (In Percentile)
    Professional Competence 8%
    Attitude to work 22%
    Vocation and Dedication 20%
    Interpersonal Relations 30%
    Moral and Ethics 20%
    Total 100%
  • 1.3 Purpose of Consultancy

    The purpose of the consultant is to work on the nominations as received from the facilities across the country to develop and implement an independent, process to nominate outstanding healthcare personnel to be awarded from each category based on standard best practices and established criteria.

  • 1.4 Selection Process

    Nominations are to be received from all selected hospitals (private, mission and government) These nominations must be on the hospital’s letterhead and duly signed by:
    » Medical director / superintendent
    » Head of HR or Admin
    » Matron
    These heads are not to nominate themselves though they equally qualify for selection. This is to allow other staff who are not in decision taking roles commit more to their various specialties. (Next year as organizers, we shall create categories to award these heads listed above in order not to feel left out) Those selected are not to be made aware of their selection. The final list per the categories as selected by the facilities must be mailed to the address provided at the awards info HUB. Researchers begin their private feasibilities on a sizable number of nominees after using all agreed tactics to eliminate unqualified persons The final winners are sent invitations separate from the hospitals within which they work through their facility heads to attend the awards with their families.